Insurance Bad faithPeople buy insurance policies to help them through difficult times. When a fire destroys your home, when disaster strikes your business, when you are diagnosed with a serious illness and need long-term care, you depend on the insurance company to be there. Often, that’s not the case.

When insurance companies fail to live up to the terms of their policies and unreasonably deny claims or delay payment, policyholders suffer.

That’s when they turn to the insurance bad faith attorneys at the Law Office of Steven Schultz.

Legal Advocates for the Rights of Policyholders

For nearly two decades, our Sacramento law firm has fought for the rights of policyholders in disputes involving unfair insurance claim denials, unreasonable policy cancellation, failure to defend and other examples of insurance bad faith.

Our insurance law attorneys are exclusively focused on representing policyholders, never insurance companies.

We have expertise in disability, health, life, long-term care, and business insurance matters.

Effective Representation, Exceptional Results

Our firm is well known for tackling complex insurance litigation and developing new law or expanding the application of existing legal precedents.

We have achieved exceptional results, obtaining millions in compensation for our clients.

We stand up to the powerful insurance companies, giving a voice to the powerless and protecting the rights of all policyholders to be treated fairly and in good faith.