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Civil litigation cases are legal disputes where more than one parties seek specific performance or monetary damages. Civil litigation cases don’t involve criminal accusations. In addition, not all cases require the court’s decisions on the outcome. In these cases, a litigator or trial lawyer represents either the plaintiff or defendant in the courtroom. In a civil litigation field of specialization, there are numerous niches. Therefore, when hiring a trial lawyer, you’ll need to analyze their industry of specialization. For instance, a litigation attorney can have in-depth details on medical malpractice or divorce lawsuits.

Types of Cases

  • Car Crashes
  • Slip & Falls
  • Trip & Falls
  • Premises Liability
  • Dangerous Condition of Property
  • Dog Bites
  • Fires

Why Hire a Civil Litigation Lawyer?


Civil litigation cases require a higher degree of professionalism. Therefore, it’s important to hire a litigator with more than five years of experience. An experienced litigator understands numerous points of view that’ll help you win the case. In addition, a civil litigation lawyer more info about the ins and outs of the court.


As previously mentioned, civil litigation cases are complex. Therefore, if you represent yourself, you’ll have a higher chance of losing the case. Losing the case will increase your spending because you’ll have to compensate the other party. Hiring an expert litigator seems expensive, but that’s not the case. Civil litigation attorneys will ensure you win the case because they’ll analyze your case strategically. They’ll, therefore, use loopholes and blind spots in your case to help you win the case.

File Documentation

In a courtroom, legal procedures and documents are key. Therefore, it’s important to hire a litigator who’ll help you file essential documents that play a significant role in the case. Avoid the DIY approach because you don’t have enough knowledge on how to file case documents.

Time Management

There are steps and techniques for obtaining evidence on civil litigation cases. Most of these strategies are complex and time-consuming. Therefore, hiring the right civil litigation lawyer will save your precious time. An expert litigator has an experienced team that’ll help come up with concrete evidence.


  • $2.1M Failure to supervise resident in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility resulting in a suicide attempt and quadriplegia.

  • $1.3M Dangerously placed utility pole and later dislodged gastrostomy tube resulting in brain injury and severe infection.

Don’t Delay

It is important to remember there are very strict time limitations for filing a personal injury claim. We urge you to act in a timely manner and enlist the services of an experienced law firm as soon as possible. Call us now for your FREE case evaluation – 916-922-2310