• I would highly recommend Schultz Law Group to everyone! After getting T-Boned and my car totaled by someone who ran a stop sign, I thought it was evident whose fault it was. The guy who hit me lied and said it was my fault, which resulted in a 30 day investigation despite having a credible witness who pulled over to offer help. The other party was under-insured, and although I had full-coverage, my insurance denied me a rental vehicle due to not having it included in my policy. Then, both insurances advised me they would not compensate me for any missed time off work! I hired Schultz Law Group, and they took care of everything. Steve was such a tremendous help and got me everything I needed covered in my settlement. I was reimbursed for my rental car and for my loss in wages, plus medical bills and pain and suffering. He kept me in the loop, always returned my calls and emails promptly, his office staff were polite and professional, he was fair, honest and easy to work with without any hassle. They completely took a load off my plate and made sure I was cared for.

    Ms Cardenas Avatar
    Ms Cardenas

    The Law Office of Steven H Schultz has provided wonderful legal support and consultation. Mr. Schultz and his team have been very helpful throughout the process and have answered all my questions. A pleasure to have them handle my case.

    John Hancke Avatar
    John Hancke

    Steve Schultz and his staff were a delight! He represented my sisters and me in a case involving negligent treatment of our mother, who was 94 at the time. The evidence of negligence was very clear, but several lawyers had declined to take the case because of the limited potential for damages, given her age. That was obvious to Steve, too, but he took the case on anyway, because, as he put it, you have to take one of these from time to time, it's the right thing to do. He handled the case efficiently, securing a reasonable settlement for us with the absolute minimum of hassle on our part. When Medicare, after initially telling Steve that they were not going to seek recovery of sums paid on my mother's behalf, tried to switch gears and grab a significant piece of the settlement, Steve appealed this decision and got it reversed. And he did this with no increase in the amount of his fee. Highly recommended!!

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    William Guis
  • I contacted this office to try and seek help with a medical negligence claim. I am not a client of his but I will say this, his rejection letter wasn't really a 'rejection' but a well informed letter of WHY he couldn't help. I was left with information I thought -very- usable and helpful. His letter, unlike the others, was personable and left me with hope. With that alone being said, I understand his decision and thank him deeply for taking the time he did to respond in the manner of which he did.

    Rondale Holloway Avatar
    Rondale Holloway